Employment and Workplace Relations

When an employer can strike the balance between a company’s operational needs and the needs of their employees, the employee will become the company’s greatest asset.

Finding this balance in the complex web of State and Federal Laws, contracts, modern awards and enterprise agreements can be difficult. Employment and workplace agreements are by no means one-size-fits-all.

Whether you are an employer or employee, our team at Keir Steele Waldon Lawyers are dedicated to finding the best fit for you. Our team has built its workplace relations practice on a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing employers and employees.

We provide advice on all matters of employment and workplace issues, including:

  • Employment contracts (executive, standard and non-standard)
  • Pre-termination and post-termination disputes (including restraint of trade clauses)
  • Employment disputes and dismissals
  • Industrial relations negotiations, award provisions and instrument
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Workers compensation
  • Redundancy and resignation
  • Breach of employment conditions
  • General employment matters (injury, illness, wages, leave and hours of work)
  • Business sales or insolvency

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