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Crackdown on the Online Bully


The way we communicate with each other has changed. Social media has given a voice to those who previously would not have been heard. While this is largely positive, it has some very negative consequences.

We are now seeing a separation between people’s online personalities and the way they conduct themselves “in real life”. Keyboard warriors have been allowed to vent in the most harsh and offensive ways, without fear of reprisal. This is why cyber-crime, particularly cyber bullying, has become a major issue in the community.

The Federal Police are cracking down on anti-social internet behaviour, and online trolls face up to 3 years imprisonment if they are found to ‘menace, harass or cause offence’, online.

If you are the victim of offensive or menacing conduct online you should consider reporting the matter to Police.

Additionally, if you are an employer it’s important that you make sure your staff are aware of their obligations regarding social media, both in and out of the workplace.

Contact us to discuss specific social media IR policies, or if you’ve been the victim of menacing or threatening behaviour online.


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