Employment and Workplace Relations

When an employer can strike the balance between a company’s operational needs and the needs of their employees, the employee will become the company’s greatest asset.

Finding this balance in the complex web of State and Federal Laws, contracts, modern awards and enterprise agreements can be difficult. Employment and workplace agreements are by no means one-size-fits-all.

Whether you are an employer or employee, our team at Keir Steele Waldon Lawyers are dedicated to finding the best fit for you. Our team has built its workplace relations practice on a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing employers and employees.

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Our Employment & Workplace Relations Team


The law is constantly evolving, especially in the areas of industrial relations, commercial and estate litigation.
With the increase in contested estates in Queensland, Jess works with clients and families to ensure the least stressful, and best possible outcome for families during what can be a difficult time in life.

In the industrial relations sphere, Jess makes sure that both employees and employers have the right industrial relations advice at the outset, and are able to navigate through developments that are relevant to them, and their workplace.

While prevention is better than cure, Jess has over ten years of experience acting for clients in litigated matters, including representing clients across all state and federal courts and tribunals.

“People tend to have a bit of a negative attitude towards lawyers, but I love the fact that we can take the weight off a person’s shoulders during really stressful times in their life.”

She understands that for business, it is imperative that matters are turned around quickly, and within budget. Jess has a track record of meeting and exceeding these expectations. She prides herself on being commercially perceptive and instilling confidence in clients.

As well as working in employment and succession law, Jess is also an experienced commercial litigator and dispute resolution lawyer, working with clients to provide solutions in a wide variety of commercial matters including insolvency, debt recovery, contract disputes and local government matters.

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say the best part of my job is getting a win for the client, either through court or through an excellent negotiated outcome. Those are the best phone calls to make.”