Wills And Estates

If protecting what you have built during your life is important, then protecting what you have built afterwards is crucial.

The complexity of drafting a will that best represents your wishes should not be underestimated.  At Keir Steele Waldon Lawyers we have experienced solicitors who ensure that you control how your property and possessions are distributed.  No matter how big or small, we provide tailored and strategic advice so that you have peace of mind your estate is most effectively managed.

As well as assisting clients in wills and estate planning, we also have an experienced team of estate litigation lawyers who will protect your interests in the event of a dispute.

Contact the Keir Steele Waldon Wills and Estates team for tailored advice on:

  • Preparing wills and powers of attorney
  • Complex asset or family circumstances
  • Estates involving business assets
  • Managing affairs on behalf of persons who have lost capacity (or relatives of such persons)
  • Attorneys acting under enduring powers of attorney
  • Executors, trustees and beneficiaries of deceased estates
  • Estate disputes
  • Legal guardians (for children or persons with a disability)
  • Professional services firms seeking specialist estates advice

If providing for your loved ones matters contact Keir Steele Lawyers today.

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