Moya Steele


Moya is one of Queensland’s leading planning and environment lawyers, providing strategic advice to all groups within the development industry.

I get your property development projects done, bringing it all together to approval and beyond.

Day to day, I am working at the strategic level with MDs, CEOs, Development and Project Managers, providing development advocacy, handling expert teams or representing regional issues on Boards and speaking at events.

People say I am practical, non-lawyer like, work as a team and don’t waste time on the purely technical.  I keep the team clear on the strategy and outcomes.

I am known for my strategic insight and collaborative approach, believing that only by the collective intelligence of my knowledge of the approvals process and the development outcomes intended by my client can an efficient and effective strategy be actioned to completion. Built over a 20 year involvement in partnership with clients, this understanding of what makes development commercial and valuable to clients and the community, my focus is always on being the proactive and constructive problem avoider. I work with clients on the pre-work in advance that creates a smooth, transparent and effective process.

Clients say I am strategically efficient, solution first, big picture – in work and life, open minded and safe. I don’t get distracted even in long complex statutory processes, I am focused and partner with clients to solve issues and we move forward.

I thrive on being a valuable proactive strategic partner and a member of the clients team. We get the results and everyone grows along the way.

I am passionate and excited about growth in Queensland. I choose to work with regional Boards and organisations to be part of bringing growth about.

I am driven to living life and creating a good life for others. We have such great places to live, work and play in Queensland. I enjoy everything from hiking and biking our mountains  to a great brunch with friends experiencing our great cities!

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